Legal Information

For information on how to acquire a property in El Rey, click on the following links:

For a foreigner to purchase rural (ejido) land in Mexico there are the following choices at El Rey Polo Country Club:

1. Assignment of Possession rights takes place as follows:

a). Purchase in cash outright, or by monthly payments,of the assignment of rights

b). This transaction is legalised in a notarised document

c). The property is then in possession of the purchaser under the conditions of the contract.

2. Assignment of Possession Rights with a Warranty Trust

It is also possible to arrange a payment of only 70% of the agreed price, to be held in Trust, so that in the case that the Club does not fulfil its contractual promises for construction completion the funds can be refunded to the purchaser as will be outlined in the contract.

3. By way of Shares

a). Share issuance: By purchase of shares in the corporation it is possible to become a partner in the corporation so that along with being a part of the company and assisting in the regulation of the land the purchaser can assist in achieving the eventual aim of a title deed for each shareholder.

b). Shares with Trust: By purchase of shares in the corporation he foreigner will be admitted to the corporation and have land assigned to their name. The corporation will look in the future to obtain the full title to the land, to be transferred to the owner in the form of a Trust and they will be released from the corporation.